Culture & Careers

At Nickerson, we depend on each other, but also hold each other accountable. We work hard, work together and work it out.

Team First

We are a group of individuals who both depend on each other and hold one another accountable. We emphasize collaboration and teamwork to achieve excellence.

Creative Thinkers

We are solution-based individuals, resourceful and knowledgeable in our respective fields. Our creative thinking generates smart, quality results.

Positive Energy & Passion

We take pride in our passion for our work and our lives. This balance is vital to sustain our positive energy and innovative ideas.

Individuality & Diversity

We embrace each members’ individuality and perspectives, celebrating their uniqueness. Our diverse experiences elevate our creativity, which produces the best results.


Lisa Nickerson

Lisa Nickerson

CEO & Founder

Lisa is a proud BC Eagle, and founded Nickerson in 2002 as a short term consulting practice while her children were young. Fun Fact – Those kids are in college and Lisa loves the success her short term plan turned into.

Domingo Echague

Domingo Echague

Director, Creative Services

Domingo has worked on brands from Johnnie Walker to Mastercard and came to Nickerson in 2014. Fun Fact – he was born on a Thursday but is named after Sunday.

Rina Peselman

Rina Peselman

Director, Social & Media Experience

Rina is Boston’s PR princess for launching and managing restaurant, entertainment, and fitness clients. Fun fact – she’s also a master at hula hooping, adult cartwheeling and splits on the beach.

Joseph Soto

Joseph Soto

Sr. Manager, Creative Services

Joseph graduated from Massachusetts College of Art & Design, and has worked with real estate, hospitality, healthcare and tech clients. Fun Fact – he executes the perfect cat eye and contour and is a proud plant dad.

Molly Silvia

Molly Silvia

Sr. Manager, Marketing & Communications

Molly formerly worked in residential real estate in Washington, DC. Fun Fact – she was voted “most likely to be a soccer mom” as a senior superlative at Phillips Exeter, but Rina swears she moonlights as a secret agent.


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