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A campaign with unique energy and attention-grabbing visuals
Gordie Gronkowski Jr. jumping into the Caldwell roof top swimming pool

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2022 Hermes Creative Awards: Platinum Winner – Best in Strategic Marketing & Advertising

The Procopio Companies is a full-service development, construction, and management company that has achieved significant growth over the past decade.

In 2019, Procopio engaged Nickerson to develop a communications strategy that showcased their most recent success stories and the forward-thinking accomplishments of the company’s leadership. Based in Greater Boston, The Procopio Companies’ focus was on regional press and enhanced name recognition, along with company promotion nationally as a fast growing, industry leader.

Caldwell ‘Move into Your Moment’ Campaign

Gordie Gronkowski, Jr. and our team collaborated on ways he could bring his energy, enthusiasm, and “cool factor” to Caldwell’s marketing campaign


The Procopio Companies looked to Nickerson to create a multi-pronged marketing campaign to increase the leasing velocity at “Caldwell,” one of their multifamily properties in Lynn, MA.


Nickerson sought to develop a campaign with unique energy and attention-grabbing visuals. The Nickerson team was inspired by Procopio’s partnership with Gronk Fitness equipment at two other Procopio properties: Lume and Mosaic.

Gordie Gronkowski Collaboration

Nickerson partnered with Gordie Gronkowski, Jr., to promote how awesome it is to live at Caldwell. Nickerson worked closely with Gordie to create dynamic, eye-catching scenes for billboard design, an MBTA ad series, and social media. We also developed a video of Gordie living it up at this unique property while showcasing his new functional beverage brand, Vue.     


The campaign featured a billboard on the busy Rt. 1A in Lynn, MA, drawing the attention of thousands of daily commuters. The energy Gordie Gronkowski, Jr. displayed jumping into the rooftop pool at Caldwell, was both eye-catching and reflective of the “Move into Your Moment” feeling that living at Caldwell exudes.

Caldwell now open for immediate move-in billboard on Boston city road
Left Quote Mark

The design and livelihood at Caldwell have the same upbeat, energetic, and modern lifestyle my brand Vue promotes. Being a part of this campaign was a blast. Move into Your Moment at Caldwell perfectly aligns with Vue’s active approach and being on a billboard and MBTA signage across MA? Not too bad either.”

-Gordie Gronkowski, Jr.

Gordie Gronkowski Jr. and social media influencer standing on the Caldwell roof top holding a mixed berry vue beverage bottle
Gordie Gronkowski Jr. getting out of the Caldwell roof top pool


Nickerson designed attention-grabbing ads that spiced up the commute on the MBTA Blue Line and North Shore Commuter Rail. Utilizing Gordie’s social handle also provided the opportunity for commuters to engage with Gordie online, while Gordie continued to share reels and posts from the ‘Move Into Your Moment’ campaign. The circle of collaboration garnered significant attention for both parties.

Gordie Gronkowski Jr. wearing sunglasses exercising using a metal bar

Social Media

Nickerson designed an integrated social media campaign that aligned with the billboard and MBTA ads and provided opportunities for shared engagement with Caldwell’s followers, target market, and Gordie Gronkowski Jr.’s social media followers.

Social media fitness influencer performing a split on the Caldwell roof top
Caldwell livecaldwell Instagram feed
The Results:

A Successful Award-Winning Partnership

The campaign was a successful and award-winning partnership hailed by both Gordie Gronkowski Jr., and The Procopio Companies for its creativity, energy and overall engagement.

Caldwell, Hermes Creative Awards 2022 Platinum Winner, best in strategic marketing and advertising

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