Adobe MAX Conference 2022

Logitech at Adobe Max Conference

The “creme de la creme of creative conferences”

Joseph Soto, Nickerson’s Brand Director, attended the Adobe MAX Conference – the “creme de la creme of creative conferences” – from October 17-20 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. This event taught Soto tools and tricks that will facilitate Nickerson’s commitment to sustainability, teamwork, and streamlined creative processes – all leading to fast and efficient outcomes for clients.

Joseph Soto at the Adobe Max Conference

Key Industry Leaders

Major players? There were many. Attendees and presenters included companies such as Microsoft, Pinterest, TikTok, Burberry, Hallmark, Logictech, Upwork, Nike, Meta, and Chipotle. Those companies and others delivered over 200 sessions. Keynote speakers inspired creative attendees with their career launches and overall motivations. Also featured: an Expo Space with local, print, and technology vendors who presented cutting-edge technology and devices for 2023.

It wasn’t just listening and thinking for one of the main players behind Nickerson’s creative outcomes. Many sessions committed to “hands-on learning,” said Soto, and “allowed you to test and try new software in various capabilities.” This included working in immersive 3D environments to enhance the overall branding experience. Soto’s energies were focused on what’s coming in 2023, and “how that can streamline creative process and flow.”

Nickerson Was Here written on a wall at the Adobe Max Conference

Exceeding Post-pandemic Expectations

Often, ironically, creative inspiration comes from an outside place. At Adobe MAX, Soto was internally inspired “by the ability to be with other thought leaders within a creative space.” With artists from international locations and varied states, he attended sessions that “talked about the creative processes in agency space, and how that differs from other places within the company.” The world is moving forward from the changes brought about by the past two years, and Adobe MAX addressed this in discussion around how the Covid-19 pandemic “changed the immediacy around creative work, and how key technology updates would assist creative teams in creating faster, stronger work, in less time.”

“Many non-designers have the ability to create their own content for social media now” with the ubiquitous presence of cell phones and other technology, said Soto, and discussion centered on how others within agencies can help the creative team with the tools they have and allow “creative people to remain the big-picture thinkers,” with their sights on innovation rather than implementation.

The Spirit of Entrepreneurship

It wasn’t all tools, tricks, and serious discussion around trade: Comedian Kevin Hart co-hosted a session featuring a “sneak peek at what’s brewing in Adobe research.” (Hart is an entrepreneur as well as comedian; he is Chairman of HARTBEAT, a global, multi-platform media company that creates entertainment.) Los Angeles-based DJ Steve Aoki spoke about growing up as a creative in the City of Angels, and the importance of connecting with the right people, perseverance within the creative industry, and how to turn what you love into a life-long career. “Those touch points were a great way to keep things alive and innovative,” said Soto.

It’s also not all big names and large performances: between sessions, Soto was inspired by conversations with other creatives, including local designers here in Los Angeles.

Adobe Max Conference stage

Streamlining Processes

How does all this innovation and creativity benefit Nickerson and its clients? “With all of our civilization changing, the role of a graphic designer has shifted,” Soto said, and Adobe’s software for 2023 is savvy to that shift. Adobe’s new software spotlights three major categories for its users: precision and superpowers, showing how advanced technology would help creatives create better, stronger, and faster work; the speed and ease of creative work flow; and collaborative creativity, which allows the sharing process to be more streamlined via software.

For Nickerson, Soto sees these shifts as a way to change the internal process for sharing work. “Anything we do internally can streamline our processes,” Soto said. It would also allow other team members in the Nickerson framework to come on board more quickly with templatized content they could drag and drop. With more efficient processes and new technology, a task that normally took 20 hours could be done in 10-15 hours. “If clients needed a logo or social graphic delivered quickly we could execute it more quickly,” Soto said. Internally, “if our team is more unified we can also get insight from key stakeholders early on.”

Sustainability in the Creative Space

Soto was particularly inspired by Nike’s presentation focus on sustainability. Nike’s session focused on how having a digital workflow has cut their work time in half and created sustainability. “You can create in a 3D workspace and apply material and texture to a 3D product,” Soto said. Clients can try on products virtually and thus reduce shipping and returns. They can also convert products to sales more quickly. All of this contributes to sustainability initiatives, and, since Nickerson works often with development, architecture, and real estate companies concerned with these initiatives, Soto said “it was good to see how they could contribute.”

Joseph Soto outside Adobe Max Conference

Real-world Role Models

On a personal note: Soto has followed a graphic designer in New Zealand for some time – she owns a company called The Pink Pony Creative, and was present at Adobe MAX. “Her branding work is outstanding,” Soto said. “I was able to hear personally what it meant to her to be a graphic designer and was inspired to be able to hear from someone who is a top talent.”

Written by Brand Director, Creative Services, Joseph Soto. Connect with Joseph on LinkedIn!

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