Nickerson On the Scene: CREtech San Diego

CREtech San Diego conference

Technology has fundamentally changed the way we work and live

With just a computer and internet connection (and maybe some headphones), we’ve been able to effectively collaborate from all corners of the globe in a way that would have seemed impossible even a handful of years ago.

Nickerson’s unique “Work From Anywhere” culture allows the team to collaborate from all over the globe at all times. Over the last two years, team members have traveled to London, New York City, Los Angeles, Miami, Philadelphia, Chicago, Seattle, Napa Valley, and Detroit to both collaborate and mingle with the most innovative minds across the real estate industry. Such opportunities give the firm a finger on the pulse of the industries we serve, helping to inform decision-making in order to better partner with our clients, while also bringing the team together to deepen our relationships and create lasting memories.

Michael Beckerman, CEO of CREtech; Lisa Nickerson, and Nathan Edwards at CREtech San Diego 2022(From Left to Right) Michael Beckerman, CEO of CREtech; Lisa Nickerson, and Nathan Edwards at CREtech San Diego 2022

Sometimes, technology itself is the reason we come together in person. CREtech, founded and organized by CEO Michael Beckerman, is an international conference devoted to technological innovation in the real estate sector. CREtech’s mission is to help the industry embrace, adopt and future-proof their businesses to inspire the next generation of ideas, processes and people to champion the world’s largest asset class.

Nickerson was on the scene at CREtech’s first-ever U.S. West Coast event in San Diego, as Lisa and I joined nearly 1,000 commercial real estate professionals including founders, C-level executives, vice presidents, directors, managers and investors. San Diego provided the ideal sun-filled and high-energy environment for two days of knowledge sharing and networking with the top minds in the industry, discussing the technology vying to transform the built world.


CREtech San Diego presentation

After limbering up our note-taking hands and game planning our approach with a level of detail that Lisa’s favorite football coach—Bill Belichick—would be proud of, we split up to hear as many of the fabulous 65+ speakers as possible. As concerning as climate issues are for our collective future, it was exciting and reassuring to hear how many companies are on the forefront of sustainability initiatives that are shaping a more environmentally conscious real estate industry.

When the last of the programming wrapped up, Lisa and I grabbed a bite to eat at a nearby restaurant and debriefed on our favorite presentations, the informed people we had met and how to best incorporate the knowledge we gained with our client-partners’ activities around the country. We also were able to share some spirits and some laughs while we were at it!

Then it was time to head to the airport, jet up north and meet up with Morgan Fay at the Multifamily Social Media Summit in Napa. The experiential journey truly never ends!

Lisa Nickerson and Morgan Fay will be at CREtech London, April 27-28, 2022. They hope that you will join them there!

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