Spotlight on Partner Organizations: STEMS

Catherine (Cassie) McGonagle working in the STEMS flower fields

Nickerson is proud to support this women-run flower farm venture in Wayland, Massachusetts

At Nickerson, we’re more than just a branding, marketing, and communications agency. Although we’re experts in those areas with vast experience in multiple industries, the Nickerson team additionally strives to elevate the experiential journey, serving as a trusted, global partner to elite, forward-thinking brands.

As a part of our journey, the team is committed to creating an inclusive culture where our success is driven by a deep sense of caring. One of those commitments is to invest in our communities and support causes and organizations that embody similar goals and efforts.

STEMS volunteers working the soil
Catherine (Cassie) McGonagle carrying flowers in the STEMS flower fields

Nickerson is proud to partner with STEMS (Sensational Teens for Entrepreneurial Mentorship of Students) an entrepreneurial flower farm venture founded in Wayland, Massachusetts in 2020 by former Wayland High School student Catherine (Cassie) McGonagle.

During the spring 2021 season, Cassie and her fellow Wayland High School students Mia Mazokopos and Kathleen Tobin worked together to plant, harvest and sell tulips to the Wayland community while learning entrepreneurial skills such as project management, marketing, graphic design, public relations and social media management. They also helped to develop the blueprint for a program to support high school students who want to start their own flower farming business.

STEMS founder and volunteers planning

“Since I was a child, I’ve loved nature and its beauty,” says Cassie. “I’ve also understood that, as a society, we need to make a commitment to our planet. Through STEMS, I can support environmental sustainability while nurturing entrepreneurship in other young women.”

In 2022, Cassie, now a rising college sophomore, is joined by high school students Genevieve Morrison, Charlotte Thirman, Riley Leichliter, Nina Wilson, and college student Gaby Perez-Moncada to expand the business beyond tulips and serve a wider geographic area.

The STEMS team meets weekly to discuss topics from branding to budgeting to business management to media relations, with the purpose of selling the spring 2022 crop. Additionally, the team has partnered with Northbridge Communities Carriage House in offering an expanded location. Located at 134 Boston Post Rd, in Wayland, MA, the new location features acres of land and a fully functional storefront and barn.

Nickerson is excited to support this worthwhile cause and give back to the community where its team members work and live. We can’t wait to see what Cassie and the STEMS team accomplish this year and beyond!

Catherine (Cassie) McGonagle exhibiting STEMS flowers

If you would like to learn more about STEMS Wayland’s mentorship opportunities or are interested in purchasing a bouquet for Mother’s Day, please visit A portion of every sale goes to Housing Families, a non-profit organization that provides well-being programs and services to support clients and community members on their journeys toward stable, permanent housing.

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