We Celebrate Women’s History Month with our Friends and Client-Partners

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Nickerson, a woman-owned business, celebrates women every month, every day and every moment

During the month of March, Team Red has taken some time to reflect with our women—our team members, our client-partners and our good friends—by asking them to share their experiences of being a woman in the professional world. We asked them what leadership means to them; how they’ve been able to develop professionally; and how they support other women in the workplace. Here’s what these fabulous leaders had to say.

Elizabeth Von Goeler, Chair of External Relations Board of Directors, Principal Interior Designer, NCIDQ, Sasaki

“Growing up, my father never treated me any differently than the boys. If there was a task to be done on the farm, his attitude was that I could perform it as well as anyone else. It was only as I became older that I realized how rare that attitude was. I desperately wanted to learn metal work and signed up for a class where I was told it was inappropriate for a female to be in the class. I took the class anyway. But it is a great reminder of how lucky my home experience was, how much things have changed, and how much hope there is for the future.”

Elizabeth Von Goeler

Chair of External Relations & Principal,

Rosemary J. Powers, President, Cristo Rey Boston

“Women’s History Month invites us to celebrate female groundbreakers who blazed new trails. Two historic figures—one well known, the other almost forgotten—have inspired my career. Abigail Adams, well-known advocate for women’s rights and Angelina Grimke, abolitionist and the first woman to address an American legislative body when she spoke to the Massachusetts legislature in 1838, were role models for me. In my role as President of Cristo Rey Boston, my goal is to provide transformative leadership. Finally, I strive to demonstrate to our students that gender is not a barrier to success and to empower our students to believe in their own potential.”

Rosemary J. Powers

President, Cristo Rey Boston

Reesa Fischer Managing Director Client Solutions & Strategy, Keller Augusta

“The way women are perceived in the workplace is changing! Paving our own way through a male-dominated industry, women in commercial real estate do not let the notion of ‘it hasn’t been done before’ discourage us from achieving new milestones. Together with other women leaders, we are changing the narrative. We need to actively mentor, sponsor and advocate for talented women. The future lies within us, and together, we can make a long-lasting impact.”

Reesa Fischer

Managing Director Client Solutions & Strategy,
Keller Augusta

Bianca Carlson Development Associate, The Procopio Companies

“Women’s History Month is a good time to pause and really reflect on all that we accomplish as women. Working in construction and development, I’m used to being in a male-dominated industry. That doesn’t stop me though, and it certainly shouldn’t stop any women out there reading this. Don’t be afraid of taking on jobs that might intimidate you. There is no job out there that is too big for you! Take a task and run with it. And don’t be scared to be the only woman on a job site. Let that empower you to show up and do a great job.”

Bianca Carlson

Development Associate,
The Procopio Companies

Clara Wineberg Principal & Executive Director of SCB – Boston

“As a woman executive in a still male-dominated field, the best advice I can give young women today is to set goals, invest in your own knowledge, and be intentional. This world is strengthened by a diversity of voices, perspectives, and opinions, so do not shy away from opportunities.”

Clara Wineberg

Principal & Executive Director of SCB – Boston

Trisha Fong Associate AIA, Senior Associate & DEI/4wrd Leader, E4H Architecture

“Women in healthcare design are often challenged in the male-dominated Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry. During Women’s History Month, we focus on learning the history, celebrating unsung innovators, and creating a culture of support to motivate future generations of leaders. We use this occasion to inform, inspire, and lift the women in our firm—elevating hope for us all.”

Trisha Fong

Associate AIA, Senior Associate & DEI/4wrd Leader,
E4H Architecture

Regan Shields Ives Principal, Secretary, Finegold Alexander

“As we celebrate Women’s History Month, I can’t overstate to young women everywhere the importance of finding your support system. Each individual’s network may look different—maybe it is one person, maybe it’s a collection of people. But having that system of support while navigating your career is critical. On a similar note, finding an advocate to speak on your behalf and help champion your goals is so important. Whether you are new to a profession or new to a firm, it can be difficult at first to find your way to the table where decisions are being made. Look for someone who has been in your shoes before who can take you under their wing and advocate for you.”

Regan Shields Ives

Principal, Secretary, Finegold Alexander

Sheila Hennessy-Drugotch Director of Mall Marketing & Business Development, Burlington Mall Simon Property Group

“Reflecting on Women’s History Month, I can’t help but smile when I think of the passionate and ambitious women in my life that everyday inspire big dreams and recognize that no good deed is too small. I’d like to recognize all the Girl Scout leaders, women coaches, moms and professionals and say, ‘You go, girls. Look at what we’ve done together.’”

Sheila Hennessy-Drugotchv

Director of Mall Marketing & Business Development,
Burlington Mall Simon Property Group

Lisa Nickerson Founder & CEO, Nickerson

“I started Nickerson People Relations nearly twenty years ago when my children were young so that I could plan my professional life around them. At that time, it was extremely difficult to have a professional career in an office environment as a full-time mother, so I forged my own path. Along the way, I’ve found great friendships and partnerships with other women who have had similar experiences, and I’ve discovered the amazing things that happen when women support each other. I’ve tried to instill that message in all of my children—my sons, as well as my daughter Catherine (Cassie). I want Cassie to be fearless, but I also want her to know that empowering other girls and women will help to make her stronger and more successful. And she’s doing just that. I tell her every day how proud I am of her, but until she has her own daughter, I don’t think she will know exactly what that means. She is unstoppable, and I’m humbled that I could have had something to do with that.”

Lisa Nickerson

Founder & CEO, Nickerson

The Nickerson team would like to express our sincere appreciation to all of our friends, colleagues and client-partners for sharing their thoughts and perspectives. May you continue to be successful and fearless champions all year long. Cheers to the rest of 2022!

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