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Bridging the Gap With Effective Communication

At Nickerson, we pride ourselves on being subject-matter experts in each of our service offerings. Our expertise in sustainability magnifies our client-partners’ achievements across the built environment and beyond.

Sustainability practices, specifically in the built environment, can be challenging to communicate given their nuanced, technical nature. With varying design phases, complex regulations, green building paradigms, and more, articulating sustainability — and greater ESG efforts — in public relations is especially hard yet necessary.

Public relations (PR) serves as an essential tool for achieving communal and individual sustainability goals. Nickerson is a full-service branding, marketing, PR and communications agency with expertise across the built environment. Our team works to elevate the experiential journey and serve as a trusted, global partner to elite, forward-thinking, responsible brands. Collectively, we strive for and work toward a more sustainable future. As the top agency driving sustainability communications for the built environment, Nickerson is acutely aware of the need for socially responsible public relations practices in ESG.

An effective PR team can control societal perception by bringing awareness to and shaping opinions on sustainability issues, accelerating positive change across a wide range of sectors. The need persists to greenify our built world, and communications and public relations will play an integral role in helping to explain and facilitate this pragmatic approach. Nickerson is well-positioned with the influence and subject-matter expertise to do just that.

Nickerson’s Sustainability Public Relations in Action

Nickerson has been hyperfocused on the growth of sustainable initiatives, promoting pioneering solutions to the challenges facing our planet through our work in ESG. As our client-partners bolster climate resiliency, Nickerson takes their sustainability achievements and champions them across multiple channels to key audiences. Specifically in the architecture and design industry, Nickerson partners with firms that are agents of change in the built environment, amplifying their revolutionary work.

Ellinikon Metropolitan Park
Featured Project: Ellinikon Metropolitan Park, Client-Partner: Sasaki

Carbon Neutrality in New Landscape and Construction

Nickerson’s client-partner, global design firm Sasaki, has long put resiliency at the forefront of its projects. A leader in green building and sustainable landscape architecture, the Sasaki team integrates sustainability throughout its work with innovative design solutions and best practices.

Currently, Sasaki serves as the landscape architect for LAMDA Development S.A.’s $8 billion Ellinikon project on the coast of Athens, Greece. Ellinikon Metropolitan Park is a 600-acre restorative landscape that will transform Athens’ former international airport and surrounding waterfront into a park, a playground, and a cultural center, while also strengthening the climate resiliency of the city through its design.

The Ellinikon project has sustainability principles at the epicenter of its designs. This is exemplified by the adaptation of an existing space to include over 1 million plants and trees, helping it become operationally net zero by day one.

To amplify these incredible efforts, Nickerson coordinated features in:

Wellesley College
Featured Project: Wellesley College, Client-Partner: Finegold Alexander & FA Energy, Photo Credit: Raj Das

Decarbonizing Historic College Campuses With Nuanced Challenges

Another one of Nickerson’s client-partners leveraging PR to strengthen sustainable initiatives is Boston-based architecture and design firm Finegold Alexander Architects. Finegold Alexander looks past obstacles and finds opportunities to shape the future, with a particularly notable adaptive reuse project portfolio. Finegold Alexander believes that our future — and that of the planet — depends on sustainable, interdisciplinary, and collaborative achievements.

Finegold Alexander recently launched its FA Energy division focused on decarbonizing the built environment through creative and cost-effective solutions, specifically targeting climate neutrality in higher-education institutions across the United States. Together, FA Energy and Nickerson have worked to highlight achievements in the built environment and position Finegold Alexander as a sustainable leader in the architecture and design industry. Nickerson’s strategic sustainability public relations efforts have included a feature in Architectural Record, detailing FA Energy’s work decarbonizing college campuses, which can be challenging due to their historic nature. FA Energy is proving that architects can pave the path for carbon neutrality in the built environment for a more sustainable future.

Commercial Office to Multifamily Residential Conversion

Nickerson’s client-partner, Solomon Cordwell Buenz (SCB), is a national architecture, interior design, and planning firm, creating forward-thinking design solutions that make a lasting impact on skylines, campuses, communities, and neighborhoods. SCB strives to inspire through its work while making positive contributions to people’s lives and the urban fabric.

Recently, SCB completed the office-to-residential conversion of the Tribune Tower, one of Chicago’s most iconic and historic landmarks. By adapting the existing office building into a multifamily tower of one- to four-bedroom homes, SCB was able to cut down on material waste, mobilization, and construction time to sustainably revitalize the building. Conventional wisdom says the greenest building is one that already exists, and adaptive reuse is the most sustainable form of urban renewal. Nickerson coordinated features with Metropolis Magazine and Dezeen, magnifying SCB’s work in the adaptive reuse industry.

Tribune Tower
Featured Project: Tribune Tower, Client-Partner: Solomon Cordwell Buenz (SCB), Photo Credit: Dave Burk
Omniturm, Frankfurt
Featured Project: Omniturm, Frankfurt, SmartScore-certified building, Client-Partner: WiredScore

Resiliency and Smart Buildings

Nickerson’s client-partner WiredScore is an organization specializing in identifying and certifying the world’s best-in-class smart buildings, setting a global standard for technology in the built environment. SmartScore-certified buildings are cost-efficient, boast improved resiliency, meet high standards of sustainability, and are fully future-proof. The emerging trend of smart buildings represents a more sustainable future for the real estate industry as developers, owners, and residents alike are prioritizing building resiliency. WiredScore spoke to this trend in a Nickerson-coordinated feature for GlobeSt, commenting on how landlords need to provide more appealing workspaces with modern, resilient technology to bring people back into the office:

“Nickerson serves as an agent for change, partnering with innovative, sustainable client-partners to share the incredible, innovative work they’re doing with the built environment and beyond.”

WiredScore is leading the way in recognizing and promoting buildings resilient to the effects of climate change. Nickerson positioned WiredScore as thought leaders in building resiliency and smart technology, effectively communicating their work to a wide audience. WiredScore knows what people look for in office and residential spaces, and Nickerson knows how to amplify that message to key constituents.

Nickerson’s Commitment to Sustainability Public Relations

As sustainability remains top of mind for stakeholders, Nickerson continues to prioritize it in our business and professional goals, perpetually sharpening our expertise to deliver the best possible council to — and results for — our client-partners. The sustainability industry is rapidly growing and changing, and Nickerson prides itself on staying up to date and in the know on all things sustainability. Nickerson has a multipronged focus on sustainability, ESG, energy, PropTech, and related industries — with a team of subject-matter experts passionately dedicated to championing sustainability. Nickerson serves as an agent for change, partnering with innovative, responsible client-partners to amplify the incredible, innovative work they’re doing with the built environment and beyond.

About Nickerson

Nickerson is a full-service branding, marketing, PR, and communications agency with locations in Boston, New York City, Miami, and Los Angeles. With collective expertise in architecture, engineering, and construction, as well as real estate, hospitality, technology, lifestyle, and nonprofit, the Nickerson team elevates the experiential journey and serves as a trusted, global partner to elite, forward-thinking brands. Our strong focus on our growing team celebrates our individuality, ideas, talents, and experiences and embraces how we can leverage our unique perspectives to create better results for our client-partners, support one another, and be cohesive in today’s remote working environment.

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