The Top 6 PR Trends Shaping the Industry in 2024

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Navigating the PR Landscape

In an ever-evolving world, the role of Public Relations (PR) has morphed into a dynamic force that harnesses technology, data, social media, and human narratives to craft compelling stories shape public perception and capitalize on the multitude of platforms people turn to for information. From TV to podcast, print media to social media, the brand essence must remain while the message and delivery takes on various forms. 

Always forward-thinking and on top of industry news and best practices, our team compiled the PR trends we anticipate for the year ahead. 

1. AI Integration in All Aspects of Corporate Communications  

AI-driven tools streamline processes, aiding in data analysis, trend identification, and audience insights. Yet, at Nickerson, we also understand the irreplaceable value of human intuition and creativity. In support of meeting our client-partner goals, we are using AI-driven tools to augment our strategies rather than replacing the human element.

As new technologies emerge, we actively invest time to understand and harness their potential, aligning their use with our ethical commitment to maintaining storytelling integrity. It’s about leveraging these tools to enhance our strategies and provide our client-partners with a competitive edge. We are also implementing SAAS platforms we’ve used for years, such as Salesforce and Pardot, to adapt, innovate, and reach our target media contacts with greater accuracy and efficiency. It’s this synergy of cutting-edge technology and time-honored storytelling that propels us forward in delivering exceptional PR outcomes.

2. Avoiding the Mass and Remaining Targeted and Meaningful  

In the new year, we foresee authenticity and integrity taking center stage. In a world inundated with information, personalized pitches hold sway. At Nickerson, our success lies not in generic mass emails but in the art of creating compelling stories tailored for each recipient. Our approach begins by delving deep into research, studying publications, dissecting current media trends, understanding the news cycle, and actually building meaningful, professional relationships with our media contacts. This meticulous groundwork enables us to create a modified narrative for each pitch, resonating with the recipient’s interests and beats. At Nickerson, we’re staunch believers in building relationships, not merely seeking transactional interactions.

At Nickerson, our core principle is blending fresh, cutting-edge strategies with established, tried and true activities to captivate attention and amplify positive brand messages.”

Journalistic integrity is also reflected in every tailored pitch we craft. The media relies on accuracy, realness and value-driven content. Not half-truths and exaggerated marketing pitches. Through this very disciplined, value-driven approach, we cultivate strong ties with journalists and forge successful collaborations with our client-partners’ target outlets. This forward-thinking approach isn’t for every traditional PR person. The Nickerson team takes more time and planning on the up-front which allows for much better, impactful results overall for our client-partners.

3. The Cold, Hard Numbers  

The PR industry heavily relies on data analytics to guide decisions and shape narratives. This reliance isn’t just a preference but a prerequisite for effective PR. In this context, Nickerson excels by leveraging data-driven PR to quantify success and enhance all aspects of strategies. Data enables us to identify audience preferences, grasp market trends, and allocate resources efficiently, maximizing outcomes for both our business and client-partners.

Looking ahead, data-driven pitching becomes crucial as understanding recipients’ preferences through insights will be the key differentiator. We foresee a shift toward recipients valuing statistics and tangible value in pitches, a strategy we’ve successfully implemented. Crafting compelling narratives entails the art of storytelling with data, seamlessly intertwining information to captivate and engage audiences.

4. Influencer Marketing & Public Relations

For years, we’ve seen grandiose celebrity partnerships to drive campaigns. However, in a significant industry pivot, a new trend is emerging— a move to smaller-scale, more hyper-targeted, local influencer collaborations. This shift is driven by a desire for more authentic and genuine connections with audiences, rather than relying solely on the blanket exposure and sheer reach associated with big celebrity endorsements. Audiences are increasingly seeking relatable figures they can connect with on a personal level, and local influencers often possess a more intimate understanding of their community’s interests and preferences. Additionally, the rise of social media algorithms prioritizing genuine engagement over sheer follower count has highlighted the effectiveness of micro-influencers in driving meaningful interactions.

For instance, a recent article by NoGood found that micro-influencers typically sustain engagement rates between 5-9%, whereas celebrity-level users tend to have only around 2% of their followers interacting with their content. Collaborating with micro-influencers undoubtedly fosters a more organic connection and is more likely to result in increased sales for brands.

5. Harness the Power of Social Media

In the realm of social media, TikTok has emerged as a juggernaut, captivating a staggering 1.92 billion users worldwide in 2023, with projections to hit 2 billion by the end of 2024. What sets TikTok apart is not just its immense user base but the profound impact it has on reshaping marketing, PR, and communications strategies. The platform’s allure extends beyond mere entertainment; it’s a breeding ground for brand promotion and storytelling innovation.

What’s truly astonishing is the role of millennials on TikTok. Contrary to stereotypes, they aren’t just passive consumers; they’re active brand advocates. In fact, millennial users are 2.3 times more likely than users on other platforms to create posts and tag brands. This unexpected behavior unveils a goldmine for marketers, highlighting the untapped potential of harnessing millennial influence on TikTok to amplify brand messaging and drive engagement.

6. DE&I Commitment: Only Actions Matter

In the year ahead, the resonance for authentic Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) practices reverberates louder than ever. Consumers seek brands that deeply embed DE&I into their mission, going beyond surface-level initiatives. However, amidst this pursuit of authenticity, a troubling trend emerges – diversity-washing. At its core, this practice involves businesses projecting an image of diversity and social responsibility primarily for commercial gain, rather than a genuine commitment to these values.

The consequences of diversity-washing are severe, eroding trust, tarnishing the brand’s image and undermining consumer confidence. Additionally, it perpetuates skepticism and cynicism, making it harder for genuinely committed brands to earn the trust of their audience.  

As a result, our focus is on value-based storytelling and socially conscious content as the key to communicating these efforts. In 2024, shallow attempts won’t suffice. Insincere brands will falter, while those truly embracing DE&I principles will thrive. Our approach is to align with partners embodying these values. Our role is to magnify their sincere efforts, creating narratives that reflect their dedication to inclusivity and equity. Adaptability is crucial. We evolve alongside evolving DE&I paradigms, ensuring our strategies reflect a genuine dedication to fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion in impactful ways.


In the ever-changing media landscape, these PR trends redefine how we approach and achieve client-partner success. At Nickerson, our core principle is blending fresh, cutting-edge strategies with established, tried and true activities to captivate attention and amplify positive brand messages. The essence of PR lies in this delicate balance of the art and the science—adapting to change while preserving genuine connections. As consumer expectations are becoming more demanding and less forgiving, and messages live forever online, marrying new and traditional strategies is paramount to our success.

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