Nickerson Team Members Work Hard and Play Hard

Molly Silvia skiing on a snow covered mountain

The team members at Nickerson value their personal time just as much as they enjoy contributing to the success of their client-partners

As we’re hard at work on exciting PR, communications, marketing and creative activities and strategies for the agency, we thought we’d take a moment to celebrate some of the activities that our team members love when they’re not on Zoom calls and meeting with partners.

Susie Szerencsi reading a book at the beach

When she’s not interfacing with client partners, Manager, Client Engagement Susie Szerencsi enjoys spending time with family and friends, cooking dinner and playing board and card games. “I’m also a big bookworm and enjoy reading on the beach in the summertime or under blankets in the winter.”

Later this spring, Susie will also be meeting up with her softball team that she joined last summer. “It’s important to get outside and enjoy the weather, especially after the long winter!”

Molly Silvia holding her skis as a child
Molly Silvia skiing on a snow covered New Hampshire mountain

Vice President, Performance Management Molly Silvia is a hard-working member of the Nickerson senior leadership team, but she balances out her work responsibilities by enjoying time on the slopes. Molly has been skiing since she was a toddler of three! By now an expert skier, Molly shares, “I love double black diamonds and bowls, but I hate the glades.” Her first time skiing out west in Colorado was this year, but it won’t be her last.

Molly Silvia baked a delicious chocolate cake

When she’s not on the slopes, you can find Molly in the kitchen. “If skiing is where I get my energy, cooking is my therapy.” Her Italian Mom gave her the cooking bug, and she loves preparing big Italian meals. She does not love baking, with one exception…cheesecake!

Sarah Barczyk at a marathon finish line

Director, Strategic Communications Sarah Barczyk can normally be found in front of a screen. When she’s not writing for work, she’s writing novels. But she has another love that she discovered later in life. “Never in million years would you have convinced me that I’d love to run,” says Sarah, who started jogging a few years ago just to see if she could do it. “I started out with the ‘From Couch to 5K’ app, and I just never stopped.”

Body of water and trees in Connellsville, Pennsylvania

When she’s at home in Florida, Sarah loves to run the causeway connecting the barrier island to the mainland over the Indian River, and when she’s visiting her hometown of Connellsville, Pennsylvania, she takes advantage of the Great Allegheny Passage trail, part of the Rails to Trails program that runs from Pittsburgh to Washington, D.C. “It’s such a beautiful area,” says Sarah. “It’s important to be outside and enjoy nature. I like that I can exercise and decompress while enjoying the scenery.”

One thing that Morgan, Susie, Molly and Sarah agree on—they wouldn’t be able to enjoy their passions nearly as much if it weren’t for the flexibility offered by working at Nickerson. “Taking time to pursue personal interests is actively encouraged,” shares Susie. “I’ve never worked at a place where my teammates were so supportive of pursuits outside of the office.” Morgan agrees. “Not only do my teammates take an interest in my dancing, they are interested in attending my performances. In my eyes, this makes them more than just co-workers. I get to work with a group of my friends. And that is priceless.”

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