A Part of the Team

Nathan Edwards

I’ve always been compelled by the idea of a team

It’s a special feeling to be part of a group of individuals with a common goal, the skillsets of whom elevate the collective performance beyond that of any single member. Most people who were involved in youth sports carry forward a set of lessons learned that impact how they live the rest of their lives. As a former athlete, I certainly fit that description.

Nickerson Friends at sports game

After 16 years of participating in sports and a key introduction to an Oakland Raiders executive at the right time, it was a natural transition to begin my professional journey in PR and Communications as part of a sports team. Fast forward 11 years and the “cool summer job” turned into more than I ever could have imagined possible. I was afforded the opportunity to work for four National Football League (NFL) teams—13% of the entire league—in addition to three Division I collegiate athletic programs. I traveled across the country to over 300 games and events, working with high-profile athletes and media members at nearly every major publication and outlet that I grew up reading and watching. I had the pleasure of witnessing iconic moments in sports history as they unfolded, and helped shape the way in which fans were able to connect with and remember them. I would not trade the highs and lows for anything.

Sports Team Logos

Like every athlete’s playing career, at some point the ride must come to an end. COVID-19 altered the lens through which many of us view our lives and priorities. In my case, that reflection led me to pursue a new challenge while allowing me to develop into a more well-rounded player at the game of life.

Nickerson immediately stood out as a company dedicated to world-class support of its client-partners that simultaneously empowers its team to be the best version of themselves inside and outside of the workplace.

Associate Director, PR & Communications

Now I have a new team—and teammates—with whom to chase a new goal. Nickerson has an exceptional group of talented individuals who are passionate about elevating client-partners’ brands through best-in-class communications expertise.

In my California-based role as Associate Director, PR & Communications, I’m incredibly excited to lead Nickerson’s rapidly expanding footprint in the Intermountain West and West Coast while leading national communications strategies across our client-partner portfolio. I look forward to utilizing my extensive experience in strategic communications, media and community relations and crisis mitigation/management to be an asset to Nickerson’s already impressive team, led by a true industry powerhouse—Lisa Nickerson.

I’m incredibly excited to play a role in helping Nickerson’s extraordinary professionals support the firm’s many innovative client-partners’ landscape-changing pursuits. I can’t wait for the journey ahead!

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